"'Top 100 Best New Home Product' by This Old House Magazine"

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This app is no longer available. I’m leaving this site active so people who still have working versions can get help and information.
I hope to get time to re-release this app again in the future. Thank you for your support.

What the heck is this?

Dirty Kitchen Timer App Youtube Trailer Link
The Dirty Kitchen Timer from Brad Wallace Design is a versatile cooking timer app that can benefit every cook. It’s unique graphical interface presents a virtual kitchen which makes setting multiple timers logical and easy. Up to five timers can be set for pots on specific burners of a stove or even in the oven…Read more


Can’t figure out how this thing works? Remain calm. Raise a sprig of rosemary to your nostrils and inhale deeply. Here is how to operate the dirty kitchen timer…

Phone Instructions
Tablet Instructions
iOS 8 Troubleshooting

Because Unburned Food is more delicious!