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Dirty Kitchen Timer IconThe Dirty Kitchen Timer is a cooking timer app available for iPhone/iPad, Android Phones, and the Blackberry Playbook.

It is a versatile interactive timer that can benefit every cook. Its unique graphical interface presents a virtual kitchen which makes setting multiple timers logical and easy. Up to five timers can be set for pots on specific burners of the stove as well as the oven.


  • Virtual Kitchen Interface to Organize Timers
  • Up to 5 Simultaneous Timers Represented by Interactive 3D Pans*
  • Timers Can Count Down or Count Up from 0
  • Customizable Ringtones for Each Timer
  • Large Variety of High Quality Ringtones (Alarm Tones, Jazz Trumpet, Meditation Bell, Rock Music, Electronic Music, and many more)
  • Optional Ticking Sound
  • Past Due Alarms Show How Much Time has Passed Since Completion
  • Timers Emit 3D Black Smoke on Completion
  • Drop Timers into the Oven – Complete with Swinging Door and a Glass Oven Window to See Your Pans Inside*
  • Sponge Button transforms the Dirty Kitchen into a Sparkling Clean Kitchen – NO Maid Needed!

Check out the limited FREE version to see if you like the app.

* Phone versions have only 4 timers and there is no oven due to limited space on smaller screens.


Creating the App

Making the Dirty Kitchen Timer App BurnersThe Dirty Kitchen Timer was developed by a single independent artist.  So everything wrong with it is his fault!

The app took more than a year of hard work to create. The graphics were created primarily in Photoshop. The Pans and smoke effects were 3D objects and particles created in Maya. The app itself was programmed in Flash and contains a few thousand lines of code. So essentially the app is a fancy website! It can actually run in a browser on your computer (although I have not released a browser version yet). Finally, Adobe AIR was used to convert it to an app for the iOS, Android, and Blackberry markets.

To get a glimpse at the design of the graphics behind the Dirty Kitchen Timer, check out his blog:



About the Developer

Brad Wallace has a hard earned degree in dabbling from the Dabologna Institute. He received a degree of far less importance from an astonishingly prominent and expensive school that his parents now regret having paid for. He was a filmmaker for 15 years before quitting in disgust and moving on to dabbling in all things involving the lonesome computer arts.

Brad Wallace Design Logo

Graphics, photography, web design, effects/animation, apps and dark electronic music are his current freelancements.


Check out his portfolio www.BradWallaceDesign.com, his scary music www.Procedure.Bandcamp.com, and his slapstick movie www.theRightNut.com.



  1. Hey man,

    I miss the dirty kitchen timer app. I used it all the time. I miss it. I miss the trumpet sound when my food needed to be checked… any plans to bring it back? It’s gone since I bought a new iphone. Can’t pull it back off the cloud, it just disappeared. I’ll give you $5 if you bring it back to the App Store. Seriously.

    • Sorry for taking so long to reply! There has been little interest in the app for a very long time and I had an outdated email address on this site 🙁 It costs $100+/year to have an app on the store and I was only selling 10 a year, so I had to stop working on it. This was my baby so it was super disappointing to take it down. I wish the app had more fans like yourself! Thanks for your support. I may re-release it on Android and as a computer app in the future again since its free. But its very time consuming to update it for release today. Thank you so much!

  2. The other timer apps suck in comparison.

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